"DDoS Protection" What it is?

Have you ever played on a public server, that gets kinda laggy, maybe even stops working?

90% of the time this is due to a DDoS or DoS attack.

What it is basically is a 3rd. party - a person or a group initiates an attack (most of the time with compromised computers or devices) towards a game server or a website with the purpose of overwhelming a target. Hence the name DDoS (Distributed Denial Of Service) DDoS or (Denial Of Service) DoS.

We, at InnoServ have all of our hardware located at Sofia Data Center (SDC), also known as Neterra.
They provide wide range of communication services Unmatched on the Balkans.
We trust Neterra with our network infrastructure security, using 2 types of DDoS protection services. 1st one is their Secure Cloud Service, which is a customized variation provided by Voxility.
Second is Neterra's own and more advanced and complex Neterra Firewall, which has 1.05s faster reaction time, when a ddos attack initiates. (This usually filters out any annoying attacks, which Voxility does not detect).
Third is our own IPS Solution, we have created on our own, it has the capacity to handle attacks up to 10Gbps (We use this to mitigate attacks IF they are not detected by аny of the other protections in place).
At last as a Fifth layer of protection we have our own Application Firewall in place, which takes guard of any App Exploits, Crash tools, FiveM Layer7 exploits and many more!

We also provide an option to notify you, when a DDoS attack initiates on your service, which you have purchased from us.

Here's a little map of how everything works:

Neterra Firewall